Published On: 05/17/2019Categories: Agbiosciences

Purdue’s agBOT Challenge is Changing the World of Agriculture

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Autonomous robots are shaping the world of agriculture.

Purdue’s 4th annual agBOT Challenge kicked off on Thursday, May 16.

The challenge is an international competition to create robots capable of performing agricultural tasks. The NextGen Expo, featuring cutting edge robotics from competing teams, industry and entrepreneurs, opened the three-day event.

Department Head of Agronomy at Purdue University Ron Turco said this robotic challenge brings out strong innovation for the future.”They have to build the database to make the project work. So, if you’re going to kill weeds in a field, you have to know what weeds look like versus corn,” said Turco. “You have to build those kinds of databases, those kinds of sensor input capacities, and those kinds of photometric issues that you need to solve.”

15 teams including one from India were in attendance to compete during the Friday and Saturday events.