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airBridge’s mission is to provide communication solutions in rural areas by designing custom, ultra-high speed internet communication infrastructure for mobile and static environments. |


The nut allergen detection device that fits in the palm of your hand. Allervent is innovating to improve the lives of people with food allergies. Assembling world-class scientists, Allervent’s technology detects the fingerprint of allergens and the device alerts the user when it detects allergens, so people with food allergies can have an extra layer of protection between them and food allergens. |

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Family owned and operated, Biodyne USA is an environmental biotechnology company focused on harnessing the power of naturally occurring, beneficial microorganisms for use in a variety of agricultural and environmental applications. Biodyne USA leverages close to 30 years of R&D to deliver innovative products that help drive more efficient agricultural production, manage wastewater, clean up contaminated sites and so much more. Biodyne’s products are made in the USA and proven to deliver economic benefits.

Featured on episode 21 of our AG+BIO+SCIENCE podcast. Listen here. |

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The Boden BOLT purifies soil with a precise electrical pulse applied during other field treatments. Trials indicate yield gains versus chemical nitrogen stabilization in corn and cotton. They are going to market with per acre services in 2019 in Indiana and California. |

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Constant Canopy brings together innovation from agriculture, energy and technology to create products to feed, power and sustain our planet’s finite natural resources for generations to come. |

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Eco-Tek LLC Serves the Horticulture & Dairy Farm Industries.  This eco-friendly company has developed a proprietary suite of automated equipment that separates dairy solids, which are composted and used for comfortable bedding for the cows.  The dairy may also elect to sell this Dairy Bio Fiber as an environmentally friendly growing media for horticulture. Both groups achieve economic and environmental benefits from Eco-Tek’s technology.


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EnviroKure offers farmers sustainable solutions to excess chicken manure, degraded soil and tight margins. By producing biologic amendments, EnviroKure products aid soil health and plant productivity at all stages of conventional, organic and hydroponic crop production. Their innovative technology harvests nutrients and microbes from manure, eliminating pathogens and transforming into safe, microbial-rich liquids to improve yields, crop resiliency and provide strong returns for producers.

Featured on episode 33 of our AG+BIO+SCIENCE podcast. Listen here. |

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EPOGEE is the developer, producer and marketer of Epogee® fat replacement. Epogee is the most effective, versatile and safe way to sharply cut calories and preserve taste in a very wide range of food uses, including baking, frying, nutrition bars, nut butters, frozen desserts and confectionery. They have achieved FDA GRAS status for all the above uses. Currently, marketed products using Epogee include chocolates and ice cream. Maximum taste / Minimum calories = Epogee.

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FloWaste’s food analytics platform uses proprietary image recognition technology to empower cafeterias and quick service restaurants to reduce food waste. Using kitchen and consumer data, FloWaste allows food service providers to optimize meal preparation, ingredient combinations, and portion sizing, while reducing labor costs, to maximize profits and minimize excess. |

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“Generating Revenue from Algae.” Algae can be used to reduce nutrients in municipal wastewater, remove carbon dioxide from flue gas and be harvested from open waters. However, the algae produced or captured is typically landfilled or used as low-cost field and feed supplement. Gen3Bio takes the algae and converts it to biobased specialty chemicals and bioplastics to generate higher revenue that widens the carbon cycle using much less capital and energy than existing processes.

2017 Ag+Bio+Science Start-up Showcase Participant |

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