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The 2024 HungerTech Challenge tasks innovators with developing market-driven tech models that ensure increased and equitable food distribution that is both environmentally sustainable and economically viable. The winning team will receive $25,000 to help accelerate commercialization of their solution.

Solutions could find, but are not limited to, opportunities for innovation in the following areas:

    • Infrastructure –current critical inefficiencies exist in capturing, managing and redirecting surplus food from points of excess – such as producers and retailers – to communities grappling with food insecurity (this is exacerbated for perishable goods).
    • Forecasting – deployment of tools for accurately forecasting the production of surplus food and quantifying demand from food-insecure populations have significant deficiencies.
    • Preservation – there are shortfalls in current food preservation technologies to prolong shelf life of perishables without detracting nutritional value or safety.

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What is HungerTech?

HungerTech is a month-long technology challenge that tasks innovators with ideating and implementing tech-enabled business solutions that connect food supply with food demand.

Running through March and April, the HungerTech Challenge will help entrepreneurs, students, technologists and existing companies ideate and iterate toward a minimum viable product that can be launched in a pilot later this year. Participants will receive access to AgriNovus research data, connections to subject matter experts and mentors, as well as one-on-one coaching to develop their idea.

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How does the HungerTech Challenge work?

Unsure if you’re ready to sign up a team for the HungerTech Innovation Challenge? AgriNovus Senior Director of Innovation, Geoff Zentz, walks through why finding a solution to this problem is critical and what teams can expect. Want to connect with Geoff? Click below to schedule a call.