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Innovation Challenge

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Indiana’s First AgTech Innovation Challenge!

Growth and innovation

Modern farm operations are inundated with data ranging from accounting to inventory to complex production data. This presents a significant opportunity that Indiana is uniquely positioned to solve.

Teams were challenged with solving these critical software needs for Indiana producers. The winning team received a $25,000 grand prize from the Purdue Foundry.

2020 Challenge Overview

Instead of seeing insights across a farm, producers are looking at data pieced together from a complex network of farm-specific software and consumer software such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. This disconnected reality costs countless hours annually in duplicative work.

The Producer-Led Innovation Challenge is designed to create new solutions that solve these critical gaps in farm management software.


Reduce manual data entry (typically conducted in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or similar) by automating the aggregation of data from farm operating systems


Make it possible to quickly validate data quality (examples: field-level information, seed inventory, accounting entries, etc.)


Automate alert notifications based on farmer-defined standards and user roles


Visualize data to quickly and easily make informed decisions

Evaluation Overview

Each submission will be evaluated against the following equally-weighted criteria:

Challenge Videos

Learn more about the Producer-Led Innovation Challenge in the videos below:

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