Published On: 11/13/2020Categories: Events, Talent

FFA Blue Room Makes Virtual Splash in 2020

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The future of agriculture and our planet depends on us to provide for today without sacrificing our tomorrow. Technological advancement is essential. Cutting-edge thinking is mandatory. Innovation is imperative. Sustainability is central.

In the 2020 FFA Blue Room, attendees had the chance to explore innovations and new technologies, learn about careers they didn’t even know existed and envision a more sustainable future. AgriNovus president + CEO, Mitch Frazier, was a highlighted speaker at this year’s event.

Learn more about the FFA Blue Room here. 

Listen to our Ag+Bio+Science podcast episode where Blaze Currie of the National FFA Organization talks about convention and the 2020 Blue Room here.

Source: National FFA Organization