Published On: 01/19/2021Categories: Agbiosciences, Industry News

The future of Italpollina is HELLO NATURE®

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Reflecting the company’s continued innovation and commitment to sustainability

Verona, Italy (January 19,2021)

Three years after a major image rebrand, Italpollina, a world leader in producing organic fertilizers, natural biostimulants, and beneficial microbials for use in agriculture, is pleased to announce that their company name is now HELLO NATURE®.

This announcement comes as the company marks its 50th year in business, becoming a ‘historical brand’ in Italy, with a name that had become synonymous with quality, professionalism, and competence. This development, not the result of an acquisition or change of ownership, exemplifies the company’s progression, said Luca Bonini, CEO of HELLO NATURE®.  “We have made a radical evolution from the fertilizer sector to becoming a world leader in the production of biostimulants, and ‘Italpollina’ no longer represents the complexity of our activity.”

During their rebranding process in 2017, Italpollina decided the tagline of “Hello Nature” clearly expressed their position in the market and supported their founding principle of growing a sustainable future. The slogan was very well received and became the logical choice for the new company name. The ‘Italpollina’ name will continue to be used for their classic poultry manure fertilizer product.

With a name like HELLO NATURE® comes responsibility for processes and products as close to nature as possible. According to Bonini, “Our role is to be leaders, and from a practical approach, we must put environmental sustainability at the forefront of our company’s activities.” He adds, “This name change also strengthens our support of global strategies in place to improve food security, including the Farm to Fork strategy of the European Union, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and the guidelines of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.”

The full transition to the new name will roll out across the globe throughout 2021, and the company expects to see some crossover on branded materials during this time, coming from the decision of avoiding additional waste. Internationally, branches will adopt the name at different rates depending on various bureaucracy considerations of the region.

About the new name, Bonini says, “HELLO NATURE says it all. It communicates who we are and what we stand for, and it represents our leadership of sustainable inputs in agriculture.”


HELLO NATURE® is a global leader producing organic fertilizers, 100% vegetal-based biostimulants, and beneficial microbials. Innovation has made HELLO NATURE® a worldwide leader – operating in 80 countries with five production sites, three R&D centers, and 14 commercial offices. Founded by Cav. Licinio Bonini in the 1970s, Italpollina, now named HELLO NATURE®, focuses on a sustainable and natural approach to agriculture, maintaining human and environmental health as paramount – a day closer to Nature.   For more information, please visit .