Published On: 04/28/2023Categories: Agbiosciences, AgTech, Economic Development, Industry News

WHIN Partners with ACCS, Inc. to Offer Broadband Services to the Region

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ACCS, Inc., a wireless internet service provider in Frankfort, Indiana, is now offering high-speed internet services to the WHIN region through WHIN’s next-generation broadband deployments.

“The WHIN-equipped towers that ACCS, Inc. will use are currently capable of up to 100/20 Mbps wireless service, while some locations can reach up to 400/100 Mbps,” says Greg Jarman, Vice President for Broadband Partnerships for WHIN.  “We know that there are businesses and residents in our region who do not yet have access to anything approaching that capability.”

WHIN’s network not only meets a need for services in rural areas.  WHIN’s project is positioning its ten-county region to be a leader in network innovation.  According to WHIN CEO Johnny Park, implementing innovative connectivity solutions is an important part of WHIN’s mission.

“We are here to accelerate the digital transformation of our region because the use of digital technology is now key to growth and prosperity,” says Park.  “But we do that in a way that also leads to the Wabash Heartland becoming recognized as a center of innovation.”

The solutions that are on WHIN’s towers include LTE CBRS technology from Telrad and proprietary technology from Tarana that are newly commercialized.

“The Tarana solution uses an AI-powered algorithm to manage interference, resulting in both high speeds and the ability to better penetrate obstructions,” says Jarman.

According to Jarman, the business side of broadband is also paramount and the new gear helps keep service affordable and up-to-date. “Service providers in low density areas have struggled to keep gear up-to-date because of the cost,” says Jarman.

“WHIN is not a service provider.  It is a neutral host who makes its gear available to service providers for a variety of purposes, from residential and business service to eLearning to eGovernment and beyond.  The neutral host model, which relies on the latest smart network technology, helps support the capital investment required to keep technology up-to-date.”

WHIN’s network is intended to benefit everyone who is trying to solve the digital divide, according to Park.

“WHIN’s network is ultimately for demonstration purposes,” says Park. “Our locations are carefully selected to allow us to test the boundaries of new wireless technology as well as new business models. We will publish the results so that all broadband stakeholders can understand the options and opportunities new technology now affords for service, economic viability and sustainability.”

ACCS, Inc. is excited to be working with WHIN to help bolster availability of quality broadband in North Central Indiana.

“We agree that applying fiber, copper, and wireless technologies in concert is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to resolve the digital divide.” Says Marc Hodges, ACCS, Inc. President. “WHIN’s access to new wireless technology will allow ACCS to participate in improving existing deficiencies and enhancing the tech economic development opportunities for our entire region.  We appreciate the opportunity!”

The towers that ACCS, Inc. will sell from are partly funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce/Economic Development Administration.

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