Published On: 09/13/2023Categories: Economic Development, Industry News

Ken’s Foods Plans Expansion Increasing Impact in Workforce in Indiana

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Ken’s Foods received incentive approval for a 288,000 square foot expansion of their current building in the Lebanon Business Park. Currently, Ken’s Foods employs 230 people and anticipates the additional hiring of 10 additional employees after the expansion is complete. With this expansion, they anticipate a $29.4 million real property investment and a $10.3 million personal investment. The expansion is set to be completed in the third quarter of 2024.

“The expansion of Ken’s Foods and the additional job opportunities they will bring to Lebanon continues to showcase our growth in economic opportunities. It proves our ability to be a place for businesses to find value with our ease of accessibility, our community and our dedication in our partnerships with these organizations ultimately producing a positive impact on the city, county and state,” says Mayor Matthew Gentry.

“Ken’s is excited to continue our investment in our Lebanon plant which will help us to continue to grow our business and contribute to the local community.   We look forward to many years of continued partnership. Says Tim Cahalane, COO of Ken’s Foods.

Ken’s Foods began construction in Lebanon in 2016 and opened in 2018 with the anticipation of hiring 150 hourly employees at an average of $23 per hour. Since locating in Boone County, Ken’s Foods has and continues to be a stellar partner in the community supporting over four-dozen organizations and non-profits including Lebanon Community Schools, Boone County Cancer Society, Shalom House, Habitat for Humanity and others. With the continued advocacy and support of the Boone County Economic Development Corporation, Ken’s Foods and other companies have the ability to grow, expand and make positive impacts directly on the economy.