Published On: 01/19/2024Categories: Agbiosciences, Entrepreneurs, Industry News

ClearFlame Engine Technologies Sells First Truck

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 Technology maintains diesel-like performance while delivering cost savings and lower carbon emissions for heavy-duty industry


ClearFlame Engine Technologies announced today that it has completed the first sale of its FuelAdaptive™ truck to Vander Haag’s Inc. The truck is the world’s first product to deliver diesel-like performance to the heavy-duty trucking industry with a reduction in fuel costs and carbon emissions using a nationally-distributed fuel.

Vander Haag’s, a leader in sustainable heavy-duty solutions, will use ClearFlame’s truck to deliver parts to its 11 locations in multiple states.

ClearFlame’s technology provides:

  • More than 40 percent lower fuel costs than diesel: ClearFlame’s FuelAdaptive™ engine is the only alternative fuel engine technology in the market that offers the same performance as a diesel engine with lower fuel costs.
  • Builds on existing infrastructure: ClearFlame’s technology capitalizes on the existing fuel infrastructure available today, making it faster and easier for customers to cut costs and carbon emissions immediately.
  • Easy integration: Minimal change to existing diesel engine platforms.
  • Supply-Chain Ready: Incorporates easily into existing maintenance networks and manufacturing supply chains with no need to retrain technicians.
  • Lower carbon emissions than comparable EVs: ClearFlame avoids usage limitations of battery solutions.

Vander Haag’s has been an enthusiastic development partner for ClearFlame because of their market readiness, cost savings and use of existing infrastructure. Many of our customers don’t have the capital, infrastructure, or light duty cycles needed for EV adoption, and we see a massive opportunity to increase our market share by bringing customers the sustainability they desire without increasing costs.” – John Vander Haag, CEO, Vander Haag’s Inc.

“Our trucks not only have 40 percent lower fuel costs than diesel, they offer a greater reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions than a comparable EV truck. As the world continues to careen past climate goals like the 1.5°C temperature warming limit called for in the Paris Climate Accords, ClearFlame stands ready to bring cost-effective carbon reduction solutions to the market today.” – Dr. BJ Johnson, CEO, ClearFlame

ClearFlame is focused on turning the more than four million diesel trucks on the road today into the cleanest, most fuel-efficient fleets. In their first pilots, ClearFlame reduced carbon emissions by nearly 45 percent, with greater savings expected in the future.

ClearFlame trucks are built to operate on a range of decarbonized liquid fuels including ethanol, a locally grown biofuel that supports America’s agricultural economy and promotes energy independence. ClearFlame also expands customer choice and prepares for growth in the alternative fuel market by adapting to future e-fuels made from renewable energy, such as green methanol or green ammonia.

ClearFlame expects to announce additional sales in the first half of 2024. The company is finalizing lease agreements for limited production trucks, targeting 2-3 dozen units with select customers.