Published On: 03/20/2024Categories: Stories from the Field

Meet Your Ambassador: Ainsley Kiefer

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Name: Ainsley Kiefer
University: Huntington University
Major/Minor: Agronomy/Crop Production with a minor in Ag Business
Semesters as a Field Atlas Ambassador: One

What do you enjoy most about the role?
Getting to inform and bring joy to people.

What has surprised you most about the agbiosciences?
How incredibly complex it is. It involves so many people and industries, yet it’s the thing people don’t think about and just take for granted.

Which agbioscience company interests you most, and why?
The agbioscience company that interests me the most would be Hello Nature. Their work in modernizing agriculture and making it easily accessible for everyone, yet sustainable, is truly inspiring and different from other companies out there.

How can students get in touch with you?
Students can always get in touch with me at my email,, from there I am open to setting a time to have a more in-depth conversation!