Published On: 04/03/2024Categories: Stories from the Field

Meet Your Ambassador: Mackensi Schneider

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Name: Mackensi Schneider
University: Rose-Hulman Insitute of Technology
Major/Minor: Biology
Semesters as a Field Atlas Ambassador: 1

What do you enjoy most about the role?
My favorite part about being a Field Atlas Ambassador is being able to share the Agrisciences with everyone. As something that was always a big part of my life, it is such a joy to share my experiences with others and allow them to see their role in the field!

What has surprised you most about the agbiosciences?
The thing that surprised me the most about agbiosciences is how many different subfields are contained, and within that, how many careers and lives that agbiosciences provides and touches!

Which agbioscience company interests you most, and why?
The agbioscience company that is the most interesting to me is Elanco. I have always been such a big animal lover, so I really appreciate Elanco’s work to develop innovative solutions to protect and enhance animal health!

How can students get in touch with you?
Students can get in touch with me via email,