Published On: 04/18/2024Categories: Agbiosciences, Industry News

Andretti INDYCAR Joins B20 Club of Indiana

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The B20 Club of Indiana, a collaborative initiative between the Indiana Soybean Alliance and the American Lung Association, is pleased to announce that Andretti INDYCAR, a world-renowned motorsport team based in Indiana, has joined as an Affiliate Member.

This partnership underscores Andretti INDYCAR’s commitment to its sustainability goals and the importance of companies embracing biodiesel and renewable diesel, which are renewable transportation fuels derived from natural oils and fats like soybean oil and used cooking oil.

The B20 Club of Indiana recognizes and supports Indiana-based companies that use or support the use of biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, which are high-performance, cleaner-burning, low-carbon fuels made from soybean oil and other renewable feedstocks produced in Indiana. Andretti INDYCAR’s decision to become an Affiliate Member of the B20 Club of Indiana demonstrates the two organizations’ shared efforts to promote cleaner air by reducing carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions that impact our climate and health.

“We are thrilled to welcome Andretti INDYCAR as an Affiliate Member of the B20 Club of Indiana,” said Courtney Kingery, Chief Executive Officer of the Indiana Soybean Alliance. “Their dedication to supporting the use of biodiesel and renewable diesel aligns perfectly with our efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and reduce carbon emissions. This partnership highlights the significant role that Indiana farmers play in producing renewable fuels.”

“Andretti INDYCAR’s decision to join the B20 Club of Indiana demonstrates the growing momentum behind the adoption of biobased diesel fuels in the transportation sector,” said Helena Jette, Director of Biofuels at the Indiana Soybean Alliance. “They are setting an example for other companies to follow in reducing their carbon footprint while supporting local farmers.”

Sustainability is a key focus of Andretti INDYCAR’s operations as a business and in the other racing series they compete in across the globe. The Indianapolis-based organization proudly holds an ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Certification. The Andretti Formula E team, which also owns an ISO 14001 certification, has additionally earned the FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation. And, just last month, the team revealed the site designs for its new headquarters being constructed in Fishers, Ind., which will expand existing goals for implementing technologically advanced, sustainable practices.

Brad Banker, Team Logistics Manager at Andretti INDYCAR, is proud of the work they have been doing to conserve the environment’s resources. “We recognize the importance of reducing our environmental impact,” Banker said. “Using biodiesel and renewable diesel helps us do that. Joining the B20 Club of Indiana as an Affiliate Member is another step to progressing our sustainability strategy and contributing to a cleaner and greener future.”

The B20 Club of Indiana looks forward to collaborating with Andretti INDYCAR, other members, and more companies and organizations in Indiana to promote the use of biodiesel and renewable diesel and advance sustainability efforts throughout the state.

Watch a video about the announcement here.