Published On: 05/03/2024Categories: Agbiosciences

DPH Biologicals RegenAphex Technology Platform Receives BioAgTech Innovator Award

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Recognized for Its Ability to Harnesses Regenerative Technology to Accelerate Agriculture’s Transition to a More Balanced Biological Approach


DPH Biologicals’ RegenAphex® received the first runner-up BioAgTech Innovator Award at the annual BioAgTech World Congress, a gathering of leaders from across the agriculture industry to share the latest technological advances in biologicals. RegenAphex, a plant-based liquid humus extract, fosters biological product innovation to improve soil and crop health by providing a superfood base of readily available organic carbon.

“RegenAphex is the culmination of DPH Biological’s unwavering commitment to unlocking the potential of the biological industry for improving crop production and land stewardship,” said Mick Messman, president and CEO of DPH Biologicals. “We are honored to be recognized by the BioAgTech World Congress and look forward to helping increase product development to meet farmer and consumer demand for more sustainable practices.”

First selected by the Congress Scientific Committee, finalists presented to a live-voting audience. During his presentation, Messman detailed RegenAphex’s potential to unlock value and accelerate agriculture’s transition to a more balanced biological approach through industry channel collaboration.

RegenAphex is produced at DPH Bio’s Illinois-based production facility using a proprietary plant-based composting and extracting process. The process preserves and extracts soluble and suspendable minerals, humus proteins, humic substances, enzymes and microbes, resulting in a safe, shelf-stable, water-based extract. The resulting biological platform is available to the market in an easy-to-use, transferable package size ranging from 2×2.5 gallon jugs to bulk tankers.

With a two-year shelf-life and leading compatibility characteristics, RegenAphex remains viable even through freeze and thaw conditions, requires no special handling, is tank-mix friendly and can be safely combined with other inputs, including conventional chemistry-based inputs.

A key component of DPH Bio’s flagship biological product, SP-1® Classic, RegenAphex is commercially available for product collaborations through partnerships and private label opportunities.