Published On: 05/13/2024Categories: Agbiosciences, Industry News

Gevo’s Verity and ClearFlame Announce Transportation Decarbonization Collaboration

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Gevo, Inc. (NASDAQ: GEVO), along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Verity Holdings, LLC, (“Verity”), and ClearFlame Engine Technologies, Inc., (“ClearFlame”) announced today a collaboration to drive decarbonization traceability from field-to-fleet for the road freight transportation market in the United States, which consumes an estimated 29 billion gallons of fuel every year.

Under this collaboration, the parties intend to use Verity’s proprietary carbon accounting software to authenticate the carbon intensity (CI) of biofuels derived from crops grown on U.S. farms to their consumption in ClearFlame-equipped trucks. The Verity platform would track environmental attributes from field-to-fleet. At the field level, data regarding the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions required to grow a crop are tracked to calculate a CI score for the crop, e.g., corn. That corn is then processed by an ethanol plant where the energy usage, potential carbon capture and other carbon abatement efforts would be quantified to deliver low-carbon ethanol for use by ClearFlame and their customers.

By replacing diesel fuel with engines that run on 100% ethanol, ClearFlame has shown greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 42%, helping companies to meet their ESG goals while supporting rural communities. In addition, a ClearFlame retrofit changes fewer than 5% of parts on an existing vehicle. With the addition of access to low-carbon ethanol that would be tracked and verified by Verity, the ClearFlame technology has a path to deliver net zero solutions to the freight industry.

“ClearFlame is the only engine and technology design offering the lowest cost per mile and carbon output with performance comparable to a diesel engine,” said BJ Johnson, CEO and cofounder of ClearFlame Engine Technologies. “Customers have been looking for a way to report these savings and secure emissions credits more easily. Through our collaboration with Gevo and Verity, we are making tracking carbon abatement easy, effective and efficient.”

“Consumers are demanding real, authenticated steps toward decarbonization. Verity’s end-to-end carbon accounting solution (e.g., from the field to fuel producer to use in a fleet), enables our partners to show verifiable progress in their decarbonization efforts. We believe this will foster demand for low carbon intensity biofuels, accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture practices and incentivize further investments in decarbonization.” said Ron Zink, COO of Verity.