Published On: 06/05/2024Categories: Agbiosciences, Industry News

DPH Biologicals Delivers Next Generation Biologicals with Expanded Portfolio Built on Novel Technology Platform

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Prime Improves Consistency, Durability and Potency of Biologicals

DPH Biologicals, a leading developer and supplier of agricultural biologicals, announced its new Prime platform that uses a patented production process for Bacillus spp., a leading plant growth rhizobacterium, to accelerate the germination of bacteria spores, supporting overall plant development while providing crops with more consistent resilience against heat, drought, and alkaline and saline soil conditions.

“Historically biologicals have been dinged for inconsistent performance when used in a variety of environmental conditions. By utilizing a unique manufacturing process, we’ve enabled Bacillus spores to germinate faster resulting in more consistent performance especially in stressful conditions. Ultimately, Prime gives channel partners and growers more confidence in biologicals and allows them to differentiate from the plethora of microbial-based products on the market,” said Mick Messman, DPH Bio President and CEO.

Kept in a dry, dormant state to germinate quicker, Prime spores colonize the root zone faster, capturing nitrogen while solubilizing potassium and phosphorus for more effective nutrient uptake. In a lab trial, Prime enabled more than 70% of Bacillus spores to germinate at temperatures as high as 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, while those without Prime germinated less than 10% after 50 minutes. Additionally, nearly all spores with Prime germinated in high salt environments, while those that were not treated with Prime did not germinate.

With exclusive rights, DPH Bio is the first to offer Prime-based products and has recently integrated Prime into several existing biofertilizers in its TerraTrove™ product line, including Envelix Prime available this fall and Essential™ Prime PAK available for the 2025 crop season.

“We are excited to see results coming through our science-based approach to support our channel partners and growers. Powered by Prime, the next generation of biologicals delivers higher quality sustainable options that consistently work,” said Messman.

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