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Biodyne USA and Trellis Growing Systems announce joint venture: Trellis Growing Solutions

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Biodyne USA and Trellis Growing Systems, two privately held ag-tech companies based in Fort Wayne, IN, have announced a new joint venture: Trellis Growing Solutions.

“Trellis Growing Solutions will bring together the experience and expertise of our companies to offer our customers turnkey solutions for small- to medium-sized private horticulture,” said Gil Farley, president of Biodyne USA.

Starting with Hops
Trellis Growing Solutions’ flagship product—IBEX Hops Growing System—will be an affordable system marketed to home- and micro-brewing communities across the country. The system combines a versatile, trellis-style structure with soil science to help users more easily grow, train and harvest. IBEX Hops Growing System launches in Fall 2019 and additional information will be available at


Indiana Ag+Bio+Science Innovators

Trellis Growing Solutions’ system is the first of its kind, and the engineering and biotechnology used to develop it make it possible for hobbyists, semi-professionals and small commercial farmers alike to grow their own hops without the expensive infrastructure and acreage previously required to do so. Launching with a focus on hops, Trellis Growing Solutions will grow to serve a deep pipeline of high-value, specialty crop applications.

“The brewers we serve want to control every part of their brewing process,” said Richard Barnes, founder, Trellis Growing Systems. “These are smart, hands-on folks, who covet the opportunity to grow and use their own hops in the beers they brew, share and compete with.”

Gil Farley, President of Biodyne USA and AgriNovus Board Member on the Ag+Bio+Science Podcast

Founded in 2012, Biodyne USA is a family-owned and -operated environmental biotechnology company focused on harnessing the power of naturally occurring, beneficial microorganisms for use in a variety of product offerings for agricultural and environmental applications. To learn more about Biodyne USA visit

Founded in 2007, Trellis Growing Systems has created a line of products specifically designed to increase crop yields and fruit quality of berries and other high-value crops. Trellis Growing Systems has been supported through several Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants through the USDA. To learn more about Trellis Growing Systems visit

For more information on Trellis Growing Solutions or IBEX Hops Growing System, please call Gil Farley at 888-970-0955, extension 700, email him at or visit