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Italpollina announces the launch of

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Anderson, IN (November 18, 2019) Italpollina, a world leader in the production of organic fertilizers, natural biostimulants and beneficial microbials for use in agriculture is pleased to announce a new global initiative – the launch of

Italpollina acquired the domain of for the purpose of providing the industry with an innovative website with complete information about this very important topic. It presents non-commercial content in a friendly and informative manner, invites interaction throughout the agriculture/horticulture community, and bridges users to technical, scientific, and regulatory information on a global scale.

Italpollina, with a long history in Ag-Bio-Science, places an uncommon focus on research and technology and believes that biostimulants are essential for the future of agriculture. According to Luca Bonini, CEO of Italpollina, “biostimulants are a sustainable and cost-effective answer to meeting the food production needs of the world’s population.  As a leader in the field of biostimulants, we want to help advance the industry as a whole. By providing access to industry-leading researchers and cutting-edge science via we can do that.” will serve as an information source to a wide variety of constituents, including farmers and growers, technical and purchasing managers, journalists, students, and the scientific public. The information presented is guided by a Scientific Committee comprised of University Professors and well-published researchers who will regularly present scientific articles on topics of importance. Professor Giuseppe Colla of Tuscia University (IT), who leads the Scientific Committee is joined by Professor Youssef Rouphael of the University of Naples (IT), and Professor Luigi Lucini of Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (IT). There are plans to expand the Scientific Committee as well as invite editorial contribution from other industry-relevant authors and researchers. provides users extraordinary interaction with the scientific community in a way that has not been available until now.

  • Interactive Q&A’s between website users and members of the Scientific Committee and other Editorial Contributors.
  • A seasonal podcast focusing on important and informative topics. The first podcast, now available on, interviews Professor Patrick du Jardin, a Senior Scientist and Professor of Plant Biology at Genbloux Agro-Bio Tech of the University of Liege in Belgium, and a leading authority on biostimulants.
  • Teaching webinars will be conducted live by members from the global scientific community with interactive Q&A capability. There will be no cost for users to participate, and the first webinar will be conducted by Professor Giuseppe Colla on January 21, 2020. is packed with information about biostimulants – definitions, use and benefits, types and technologies. It includes a multi-media blog on a multitude of topics. Regulatory and standardization information from regions around the world is presented – and will continue to update as the regulation of the industry evolves.

“ is a very exciting initiative – not just for us but for the entire biostimulant industry,” says Bonini. “We are leveraging available technology and our brand’s global reach to revolutionize how reliable biostimulant information is accessed, and to really help propel the biostimulant industry forward.”

About Italpollina

Italpollina is a global leader in the production of organic fertilizers, 100% vegetal-based biostimulants and beneficial microbials. Innovation has made Italpollina a worldwide leader – operating in 80 countries with five production sites, two R&D centers and 14 commercial offices, and earned the distinguished 2018 AgriBusiness Global ‘s inaugural “Industry Impact Award.”  Founded by Cav. Licinio Bonini in the 1970s, Italpollina focuses on a sustainable and natural approach to agriculture, maintaining human and environmental health as paramount – a day closer to Nature.   For more information, please visit .