Published On: 03/06/2023Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences, Entrepreneurs

PODCAST: Letting crops tell a colorful story

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Worldwide, an estimated 20-40% of crop yield is lost to pests and diseases every year. Coupled with a growing desire to reduce environmental impact in crop protection and you’ve got a growing opportunity for innovation. From a central Indiana farm to Purdue University and then onto Scotland, Insignum Agtech founder and CEO, Kyle Mohler, joins us to talk stress detection in crops using his tech-enabled solution that taps into a plant’s visible natural pigments that signal a problem is coming. He also talks about farmer’s love for the tangibility of what Insignum offers, enabling responsiveness to whatever nature throws in their path and help boost yields while also being more sustainable. Kyle and Mitch also talk about making sense of on-farm data and Insignum integrating into existing systems. They wrap up with what’s ahead for Insignum Agtech including expanding partnerships.  

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