Published On: 05/01/2023Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences, AgTech

PODCAST: Unlocking the potential of every acre

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Agronomy – the science of soil management and crop production – is critical to advancing the profitability, sustainability and durability of modern agriculture. However, science alone is not enough. An emerging agtech company is combining that science with technology and people to create the next generation of precision crop production. Today we are joined by Advanced Agrilytics CEO, Kay Kuenker, as the company celebrates one million acres of farmland served. From 29.6 years as a mathematician (her words) at Dow Chemical to her leadership at Advanced Agrilytics today, she gets into math and risk assessment paving the way for better on-farm decisions defining her career. She also talks what Advanced Agrilytics does differently, treating sub acre environments to create on-farm efficiency and optimal productivity. Kay also talks about the company’s growth story over the last few years, growing her team five-fold during that time (and the variety of careers they are hiring for) and what’s ahead at Advanced Agrilytics. 

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