Published On: 06/20/2023Categories: Agbiosciences, AgTech, Entrepreneurs, Industry News

Hawk Networks and RuralUrban Labs Announce Joint Partnership

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Hawk’s service runs on Althea, a platform designed to remove friction from legacy telecom networks enabling private and broadband networks in even the most challenging environments


RuralUrban Labs, a “HardTech” research and development organization headquartered in the historic Camden Opera House, which has placed special emphasis on the societal implications of uniting rural and urban entrepreneurs, is partnering with Hawk Networks to build a 5G Smart Farm and “HardTech” hub. Hawk Networks will use its Althea platform and KeyLTE™ to provide next generation farm-wide connectivity to power the test and development for the next generation of automated farm equipment and machinery that will be deployed across the farms surrounding Camden.

Hawk Networks developed KeyLTE™ as a unique approach to building private LTE and 5G networks. KeyLTE™ uses an edge EPC (evolved packet core) embedded into the home router. This empowers farmers in Indiana to build connectivity solutions at a fraction of the cost of legacy cellular networks. Deploying a KeyLTE™ network is simple and similar in nature to setting up a wi-fi network.

This partnership includes a joint investment by Hawk and RuralUrban to bring high speed broadband internet to the residents of Camden. Hawk Networks will function as a Virtual Network Operator and support the deployment of a high speed broadband network utilizing fiber optic, fixed wireless, and CBRS LTE technologies. Hawk Networks has been an industry leader in the deployment of virtual network services which are powered by the “Althea” software platform. Althea offers an innovative system for routing network traffic and billing, which enables building and operating networks in communities that currently lack fast, affordable internet and mobile options.

“Althea’s technology allows us to deliver robust connectivity in a community driven and sustainable way. Instead of treating mobile and private 5G networks as separate from broadband, communities like Camden can build holistic networks with Althea,” said Deborah Simpier, Founder and CEO of Hawk Networks. “We are excited to work together with RuralUrban Labs to provide broadband access and support the AgTech innovation at Camden’s 500 Acre 5G Farm.”

By supporting the area with connectivity, RuralUrban Labs is now able to increase the footprint of innovative Agtech, autonomous and artificial intelligence solutions which are being tested and deployed in Camden, including connecting 20 acres of the RuralUrban Labs “5G Farm – Carbon Sequestration Testbed.” This will also contribute towards RuralUrban’s mission of enhancing the educational opportunities of local high school students through 21st century internship opportunities and other socially focused engagements.

“On these 500 acres of land, we are developing, testing and commercializing cutting edge revolutionary Agtech, covered by numerous patents that will work to improve a farmers livelihoods. Partnering with Hawk Networks and using KeyLTE™ provides the connectivity needed to further test and refine these technologies will allow us to focus on the tech commercialization in a much more robust way,” said Neil Mylet, founder of RuralUrban Labs.