Published On: 07/27/2023Categories: Agbiosciences, AgTech, Industry News

Intelinair, Solvi Collaborate to Streamline Corn, SoybeanStand Assessments with AI-Powered Plant Counts

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 Intelinair announced today a multi-year collaboration agreement with Solvi to further expand its AGMRI platform by providing corn and soybean growers proven and reliable stand counts for the early crop growth stages.

“By combining our suite of drone image collection and analytics with Solvi’s advanced plant-counting algorithms, our new service will further expand our offering in plant population inspections,” said Tim Hassinger, CEO and President of Intelinair. “Through this collaboration, we can provide timely and highly accurate stand counts via the TrueCause™ drone scouting tool on anything from research plots to large operations.”

The following principles have been applied to Intelinair’s expanded offering:

  • Data-mined. TrueCause™ intelligent drone mission planning and stand count visualization taps Solvi’s AI-powered image classification models that quickly analyze large, complex datasets. These algorithms recognize and predict plant architecture patterns for fast, reliable insights.
  • Accurate. Plant Count models were trained on corn and soybean fields to recognize geolocated crop nuances, especially in critical early growth crop stages, supporting most planting configurations, including twin rows.
  • Relevant. The system delivers the actual stand for yield potential, as well as predicting replant units needed in a timely manner for replanting seeding prescriptions.

“Our Plant Counts tool, powered by PlantAI™, accurately identifies, counts, and classifies acres of plant shapes from done images in minutes,” said Igor Tihonov, CEO of Solvi. “While the technology behind the scenes uses sophisticated AI algorithms exclusively trained on thousands of agricultural images, Intelinair’s user interface simplifies the entire process for complex workflows or large commercial operations.”

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