Published On: 10/09/2023Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences, Industry News

PODCAST: Meeting the needs of a global market

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About 25% of U.S. farm products by value are exported annually. That global market fuels demand for producers and the companies that serve them across the Midwest. Ben Forsythe, Director of Sustainability and Value Creation with the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Soybean Alliance, is just back from a global trip to visit some of those foreign markets and joins us today to share new perspective on the markets and the opportunities they create for innovation.  

From his travels to The Netherlands to Indonesia, he gets into the unique challenges each country faces, how Indiana farmers can help solve those challenges to meet the needs of the world’s markets. He also talks about gleaning inspiration from other countries that could validate and improve the great work we already do here. No matter where they’re at in this world, farmers speak a universal language; so what did their shared communication look like on the trip? Ben talks common themes and conversations taking place in agriculture across the world. 



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