Published On: 01/15/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences

PODCAST: From plant waste to plastic

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AgroRenew’s story begins where most good ideas form: at the kitchen table. Founders Brian and Katie Southern join us to talk about a new transformation in agbioscience – unused watermelon byproduct (rinds) becoming eco-friendly bioplastics. Based in Knox County, Indiana, AgroRenew announced plans at the end of 2023 for an $83 million investment in the form of a processing facility, a business that will ultimately employ nearly 250 people. 

All the right factors came together to make this new company possible. Knox County is known for specialty crop production (watermelons, cantaloupe, pumpkins) and the Southerns have worked closely with The Pantheon to bring this idea to life. Brian and Katie talk about the science behind the product, their long-term vision to blend with other crop waste streams and contributing to a circular economy that generates more sustainability in the agbiosciences. 

So what comes next? Brian and Katie discuss their long-term objectives and potential, adding value to the farmer’s operation and the timeline of getting AgroRenew plastics in stores.