Published On: 01/29/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences

PODCAST: Busting myths + misinformation

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Telling the real story behind agbioscience innovation and what’s happening on farms requires a willingness to bravely sit at tables where you might be misunderstood. Michelle Miller, The Farm Babe, found seats at those tables over a decade ago and has become one of the most influential voices and advocates for modern, high-tech agriculture. From The Today Show to Forbes and People Magazine, Michelle has been breaking myths about where our food comes from and helping consumers better connect to their food through her moniker – The Farm Babe. 

But her advocacy wasn’t always on behalf of the farmer. Michelle talks about her time on Rodeo Drive, her once belief in the misinformation surrounding agriculture and how life changes also changed her mindset. Whether it’s biotech or artificial intelligence (AI), she talks about how she’s approached those topics with consumers – hint: it starts with empathy for those who are trying to learn more.  

What excites Michelle about the future of agbioscience and modern agriculture? From animal health to plant science, she talks about the future of our food and how farmers will continue to do more with less.