Published On: 02/12/2024Categories: Agbiosciences

PODCAST: Data systems making a difference

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Today’s guest is an entrepreneur who got her skills in organizing business systems where any young talent might consider learning efficiency: the Chick-fil-a drive-thru. Sarah Hinkley, CEO of Barn Owl Precision Ag, actually helped to build the fast-food chain’s drive-thru system as we know it today (alongside her brother). Watching a major company leverage technology to solve problems really inspired Sarah and from that, a company was born.

Sarah gets into Barn Owl’s inception, creating new innovation to supplement a massive labor problem and listening to what growers need today, tomorrow and what would be nice in the future. She dives into how a Barn Owl robot functions and what factors are driving the need for more agility on-farm. As a serial minded entrepreneur, Sarah also provides insight into launching an idea into a business, creating solutions to problems and making a difference through your work (even when it hurts).