Published On: 02/26/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences

PODCAST: Kevin Summers on Trimble’s Connected Climate Exchange + the wild west of carbon markets

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We are days away from guidance from the federal government on how it will calculate the carbon intensity of corn production for ethanol and how that will impact farmers, ethanol producers and the economy at large. Kevin Summers, North American Carbon Sustainability Lead for Trimble, joins us to talk about the Wild West that is the current carbon market structure and Trimble’s Connected Climate Exchange as a voice of reason platform in it all.  

Originally launched in Canada, Kevin talks through CCE’s 5 million tons of ag carbon offsets, the $50 million dollars for Canadian farmers and how Trimble plans to roll this program out in the United States. From data security to education, he also talks about the challenges of carbon markets today and their potential for growers and CPG companies in the future.  

In the launch of Connected Climate Exchange, what has Trimble learned? Kevin says it’s about keeping the grower first in mind, connecting sellers and buyers in the marketplace and continuing to tell the story of its measured impact on the climate.