Published On: 03/12/2024Categories: Agbiosciences, Industry News

Governor proclaims March 19 as National Ag Day

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Governor Eric Holcomb has proclaimed March 19 as National Ag Day in Indiana.

“Agriculture is the backbone of our rural communities, and this sector is a large employer of Hoosiers and contributes so much to our state, both economically and socially,” said Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. “Today, we not only celebrate all Hoosiers involved in any capacity, but we thank them also!”

National Ag Day, March 19, 2024, highlights agriculture’s contributions to our state and local economies and allows producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by American agriculture.

Indiana is the ninth largest agricultural producing state in the country. The state has over 94,000 farmers, and agricultural production is valued at over $18 billion. Indiana farmers cultivate over 14.6 million acres and establish over 47,000 soil conservation practices each year which kept an estimated 1.8 million tons of soil in the farm fields.

Indiana’s top commodities are:

  • Number one producer of popcorn, gourds and duck
  • Number two producer of pumpkins
  • Number three producer of spearmint, turkeys and total eggs
  • Number four producer of peppermint and soybeans
  • Number five producing state for corn and hogs
  • Number six producer of watermelons
  • Number ten producing state for maple syrup and hemp for floral (CBD and other cannabinoid usage)

“Indiana’s agriculture breadth is deep and wide. We have traditional row crop farmers and animal producers, we have farmers who grow popcorn for movie theaters and corn for tortilla chips, we have food manufacturers who make snack cakes that are beloved worldwide, and we have organic farmers and farmers that sell directly to restaurants and consumers,” said Don Lamb, ISDA director. “My favorite part about agriculture in Indiana is that everyone has a seat at our table. Today, we honor them and extend our gratitude.”