Published On: 03/18/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences

PODCAST: Frank Klemens from Big Idea Ventures on operating at the intersection of university innovation + product creation

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As a kid from Ohio that went to Purdue University and then worked for DuPont, Frank Klemens’ career has taken a trendline path to his role at Big Idea Ventures today. He joins this week to walk through their General Rural Partners Fund, taking innovation from university shelves and creating new companies in one of our country’s most untapped resources: rural communities.

How does Frank and his team match innovation to the right community? Frank talks customers driving outcomes, the importance of corporate partnerships and the growing list of universities partnering with the firm to create new companies.  He also dives into trends in IP across food and agriculture – including cellular meats, bio-based materials and animal management – that are creating a better rural America.

Looking ahead, how do you create technical companies in rural America that also attract investment? Frank talks about Big Idea Ventures’ secret sauce, making food and ag an investment clear of confusion and their call to the rest of venture capital: come join us, we welcome your competition and it’s necessary to feed a growing world, sustainably.