Published On: 03/26/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Industry News

BONUS: Tom Greene from World AgriTech on Corteva Catalyst, rolling out innovation at a stronger pace

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On the ground at World AgriTech in San Francisco last week, Corteva announced the launch of a new investment platform focused on bringing to market agricultural innovations that advance the company’s R&D priorities and drive value creation. We caught up with Tom Greene, Corteva’s Senior Director of External Investment, to talk through how the platform is designed, why it’s launching now and what it will mean for farmers in the future.

Tom talks through the areas of focus for Corteva Catalyst and the types of companies that would be a great fit for the platform. Engaging in technology – no matter the stage – is the approach and he talks about the criticality of their partnership with Corteva’s larger M&A team to drive meaningful results.

Corteva enters the market with this program at a time when commodity prices are low, investment in agricultural innovation is down and so the question has to be asked – why now? Tom talks about the long-term view that Corteva Catalyst will take, the excitement of being in agbioscience (despite the volatility) and what he envisions for the program in the future.