Published On: 03/26/2024Categories: Stories from the Field

Meet Your Ambassador: Ryan Anderson

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Name: Ryan Anderson
University: DePauw University
Major/Minor: Environmental Geoscience Major and Political Science Minor
Semesters as a Field Atlas Ambassador: This is my second semester as a Field Atlas Ambassador

What do you enjoy most about the role?
Interacting with students who have similar passions as me.

What has surprised you most about the agbiosciences?
How the industry contributes over $58 billion to Indiana’s economy and is still growing. This just reiterates how interconnected the Agbioscience industry is!

Which agbioscience company interests you most, and why?
Field Atlas is the Agbioscience company that interests me the most! While there is an abundance of companies that focus on bringing together agriculture, biology, and science, Field Atlas stands out from them. We help students who want to get involved in the field early and provide them with resources like podcasts and job boards to see opportunities that are best suited for them.

How can students get in touch with you?
I’d love to connect with more students through my email.