Published On: 04/08/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences

Lorelei Bergin talks data, food and consumers + NielsenIQ’s identified trends for 2024

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Agbioscience is the only economy in the world that touches every person on planet, every day, given that it centers on food. Today we are joined by Lorelei Bergin, Vice President of North American Retail for NielsenIQ to talk trends shaping food and what’s ahead for grocery store shelves in 2024.

From ingredient labels being more closely examined by savvy shoppers to the uptick of wellness-related products gaining more traction, Lorelei lays out what is driving consumer behavior and purchase patterns. She also gets into data creating insights for food companies to get the ultimate in-store commodity: shelf space.

Mitch and Lorelei take time to walk through consumers’ increased focus on health, GLP-1 drugs, how it’s shaping what goes in grocery carts and the food system’s response. How does a focus on health function in a tightening economy? Lorelei says food is first and a “better for you” lifestyle is staying resilient in these times. She also looks ahead to trends we could see impacting the food space and how that impacts consumers – no matter their budget.