Published On: 04/15/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences

Elliott Parker on the conflict between efficiency + innovation, The Illusion of Innovation + challenging what we think we know

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We are living in a time of innovation crisis where most innovation isn’t driven by large corporations despite them being managed better than ever before, says High Alpha Innovation CEO Elliott Parker. One day ahead of his new book release, The Illusion of Innovation, he joins us to get into how corporations equipped for efficiency losing their resilience and why it’s dangerous to advancing innovation.

Now this isn’t a hot take: Elliott believes in efficiency, but not as a lone strategy. He talks about controlled chaos, a systematic approach to experimentation and uncovering ideas to challenge things we think we know.

So what do companies do? Elliott talks new funding mechanisms, finding the best home for innovations to grow and being contrarian to win over the long-term.

The Illusion of Innovation comes out tomorrow, April 16. Learn more here.