Published On: 05/06/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences

Maizly’s Tim Leclercq on corn-based milk, flexitarian consumers + collaborating with farmers

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The rise in alternative foods has become a growth driver for the food industry at large and has created new opportunities for innovators and consumers to experience new foods, alike.  This week, we are joined by Maizly CEO, Tim Leclercq, to talk about the most abundant crop in the world being transformed into a new drink: corn-based milk. 

From taste to mouth feel, Tim gets into Maizly’s differentiated product and functionality. He also talks about its environmental impact versus other milk alternatives and Maizly’s commitment to sustainability – from product creation to packaging.  

Why milk? And why corn? Maizly’s founding expands well beyond a business getting off the ground. Tim discusses their passion project in Sub-Sarahan Africa, nutrition access for infants as a challenge and their ability to deliver life-saving solutions to young babies.  

As Tim looks ahead at Maizly, the U.S. market is on the horizon; so what’s next? He talks working with corn growers, who is driving the next wave of food innovation (hint: he thinks there is a lot of smaller competitors coming) and when Maizly will hit store shelves and e-commerce sites near you.