Published On: 07/08/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast

Traction Ag’s Dustin Sapp on farm accounting technology, responsible growth + enabling economic prosperity for farmers

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has projected to move from hype to help in 2024, generated by a shift in the global economy. There are tech companies taking that ambition and turning it into a reality and one of them joins us today. Dustin Sapp, CEO of Traction Ag, addresses farm accounting through technology, the sophistication of farming operations and how little of that innovation has hit farmers’ back offices.

How do farmers actually manage their books? Dustin says it’s a patchwork of solutions that take lots of time, spreadsheets and occasional uncertainty – something Traction Ag is well positioned to solve. He also gets into the vote of confidence from investors of late, all centered around the idea of improving the economic prosperity of farmers. Dustin also talks about their approach to responsible growth and building something that lasts so that farmers count on it as a trusted source for years to come.

In a tough time for innovators trying to fundraise, what is Traction Ag doing different? Dustin stresses the importance of demonstrating value, telling your story well and the vision you have for your business. How will AI create more help at the farmgate? Dustin talks about AI not being a hero for bad solutions and how his tech background has paved the way to the opportunities he’s had to date.