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GRYFN offers precise geomatics solutions for coaligned and repeatable multi-sensor UAV data collection for research and commercial applications. Their core vertical application empowers plant breeders in major commodity crops with precise, repeatable data and analytic solutions for high throughput phenotyping in the field. Leveraging the multidisciplinary ecosystem at Purdue University, GRYFN was founded by eight professors with backgrounds in Aeronautics, Biology, Plant Sciences, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. |


Heliponix turns ordinary consumers with black thumbs to green through their automated, rotary aeroponic™ appliances called GroPods™ to grow daily harvests of clean produce from recurring seed pod™ subscriptions. Heliponix strives to become the world’s largest farming company without owning a single acre of land by giving all people the means to their own production.

2017 Ag+Bio+Science Start-up Showcase Participant 

Featured on episode 19 of our AG+BIO+SCIENCE podcast. Listen here. |


InsightTRAC provides precision robotics that leverages cloud-based data to help growers better manage and optimize their profit per tree. Initially targeting the almond industry, InsightTRAC provides growers an autonomous winter sanitation solution for what is currently a manual process.

2019 Ag+Bio+Science Start-up Showcase Participant

Featured on episode 31 of our AG+BIO+SCIENCE podcast. Listen here.


Insignum AgTech creates biotech plants that communicate with growers, warning of an early stage infection so that crops can be protected. The plants turn purple before a pathogen can be identified, providing information that gives growers confidence to fight disease when, where, and if they need.


For microbiome scientists, Karyosoft unifies and connects genome (omics) data in real time through their easy to use technology Loci, a genome intelligent data management platform, to drive time to market for their innovations. Their vision is to become the industry leader in providing next generation customized intelligent software solutions that make complex genome (omics) data analytics simple for microbiome scientists. Karyosoft helps scientists to change the world using microbial genome (omics) data.

2019 Ag+Bio+Science Start-up Showcase Participant 

2019 gBETA AgBioScience Participant |


Krishi makes animals healthier. Treatment of bovine respiratory disease fails 33% of the time leading to losses of almost $1 billion/year in the US. Farm-based diagnostics can improve the success rate of treatment and reduce losses. Krishi is enabling simpler diagnostics using DISCOVER: Diagnostic Sensors for Cause of Bovine Respiratory disease. To enable low-cost sensors for widespread use, they are building these sensors using paper based materials and isothermal molecular assays.


LeafSpec is an accurate, affordable, and portable hyperspectral crop imager. With a quick scan of the crop leaf in 3-5 seconds, users can immediately get the precise measurement of many crop physiological features such as chlorophyll content, nitrogen content, leaf moisture, disease, herbicide damage, and so on. Each measurement is geo-referenced and field crop stress maps can be automatically generated on the real-time.


Leaftech Ag, INC offers a handheld “Digital Lab” that geo-locates and analyzes a plant’s leaf for nutrient and chemical composition; delivering results that are 98% faster and 90% less expensive compared to current industry practices. With faster analytic results the producer is able to apply the correct inputs, in the right amounts, at the optimal time and location, improving crop performance, reducing production cost, and resulting in enhanced nutrient stewardship.

2019 gBETA AgBioScience Participant
2020 AgLaunch365 Row Crop Challenge Winners (phases 1 and 2)
2021 Purdue Fish Fry: Fish Tank Pitch Contest Judges Choice Winner |


NanoBio Designs provides a highly efficient detection platform to verify the presence or absence and levels of targeted genetic markers in samples. Our approach is to make simple self-service devices that detect based on DNA-coated nanoparticles rather than costly and complex Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR). Our initial ExpresSeed platform meets several unmet needs of hybrid seed producers and grain distributors looking to quickly validate genetic composition before purchase, sale, or export.


NutraMaize is commercializing a more nutritious, better tasting, variety of non-GMO orange corn that was originally developed by its co-founder, Professor Torbert Rocheford of Purdue, as part of an ongoing humanitarian effort to help alleviate malnutrition in Africa. NutraMaize is marketing its own line of milled products under the brand “Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn” and aims to deliver the benefits of orange corn more broadly by partnering with food manufacturers as an ingredient supplier.

2019 Ag+Bio+Science Start-up Showcase Participant |

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