Published On: 06/03/2024Categories: Agbioscience Podcast, Agbiosciences

Solinftec’s Leo Carvalho On Agtech’s Evolution + The Importance Of Co-Creating Innovation With Farmers

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Labor remains one of the greatest challenges facing the economy. Solinftec is addressing the problem with autonomy and artificial intelligence focused on improving crop performance. Today we are joined by their Chief Global Strategy Officer, Leo Carvalho, to talk accelerating in a crowded market and creating a value proposition for farmers.

Leo gets into the company’s evolution since its expansion to the U.S. — from developing technologies to identify problems to new solutions that also solve them. As a technology company, he also stresses the importance of creating concepts that are tested, refined and – candidly – co-created by farmers. The launch of their Solix sprayer addresses all the things Leo says Solifntec aims to accomplish: to create more food, sustainably, while also making the farmer more profitable.

As a seventeen-year-old Brazilian company that started in the sugar industry, Leo talks about lessons learned as they’ve grown and expanded into new markets. Farmers plant crops once a year, so listening to their needs is critical to timely success. Leo also shares Solinftec’s objectives for the future and how agtech will continue to evolve.